Relax and Heal

“Slow down, you move too fast, gotta make the moment last.” Ok, I’m showing my age but great words to a great song – ‘Feeling Groovy’. So, why not try out one of Movement Junkie’s tried and tested methods to ‘feel groovy’ in yourself?

Book a One-to-One Intuitive Counselling/Coaching session where you get to find clarity through Melanie’s intuitive vision in sorting out your past, taking stock of your present and moving forward into your future.

Enjoy a relaxing One-to-One Hands-on-Healing session. Melanie has a gift akin to what some call psychic surgeons in that she can see and sense into the body where energy is out of alignment and needs altering and rebalancing.

If hands-on-healing is not your thing but you want to still feel the benefits of healing, let Melanie run her hands over your aura (electromagnetic field of energy around the body) and realign and rebalance to create wellness.

Join one of our empowering Women’s Meditation and Healing groups and take some time out of your busy life to recharge your batteries and set your course forward in life.

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