Meditation Sessions


My Meditation Groups, aimed primarily at women, are a great way to move towards reducing anxiety and stress.

Regular meditation has many benefits including -
Llowering blood pressure
Reducing tension-related pain
Boosting the immune system
And, raising your Energy levels.

Meditation is powerful and life-affirming.

We now appreciate the strong link between mind and body that Meditation brings.
Meditation enables us literally to slow everything down and focus on our well being.

Feeling less stressed is associated with decreased levels of cortisol, the harmful stress hormone.  We all know that stress is bad for us.  Learning to meditate reduces stress.
Being able to control and recover from stress could make all the difference in your life.

What Happens in a Meditation Group?

Our small Meditation Groups are held in a private, safe space with like-minded individuals. Take your time to relax and remove your shoes.  You’ll be invited to lie down.  However you’d like to relax is up to you, though. In our Meditation Groups we use guided visualisation to calm the body and mind.  This technique empowers us to think more clearly about our everyday lives so that we can make clearer, more settled decisions.

Like any technique, Meditation is a learned skill.  I’ll be there to support and guide you every step of the way.

You’ll be able to create and sustain a quiet place inside yourself, meaning that you can focus on your life dreams and goals.

Mel-itation Session Schedule


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