Counselling and Healing

Healing Focus: To help people get well in themselves, bodies, minds and emotions, and to help them change their lives, become more of what they want to be and manifest goals they want to manifest.

Melanie is a gifted intuitive and will use this ability to look into a person’s psyche, heart and mind to establish what the problems are, where they have come from and what can be done to change the situation. Answers will come to her in the form of mental image pictures that Melanie will interpret and connect to the situation at hand. The images can come from genetic heritage, childhood experiences. family background or past experiences.

Counselling and HealingOnce we have the information we can then move forward in creating or, finding solutions and change.Solutions or suggestions can come from a combination of practices: psychological techniques, lifestyle changes. emotional and energetic healing, finding acceptance for past experiences or ‘mistakes’, discovering gratitude for life in the present, dietary changes and conscious creation of goals for the future.

Sustained change and a better way of living is usually created by a combination of shifts in the body, mind, self and emotions, so it will often be a combination of suggestions rather than just one that will provide the overall picture for moving forward.

Sessions last one to two hours, depending on an individuals’ needs, and can be scheduled as frequently or infrequently as required with recommendations from Melanie.

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