Life Fits Around Me and Not the Other Way Around.

I’ve finally realised that the job of life is to fit around me and not the other way round – me fitting around life.

This realisation hit me squarely between the eyes after a particularly emotional weekend.

2022 did not start in a serene, exalted way for me.
It arrived jerking, kicking and screaming – revealing more layers of what stands between me, my greatness, living my best life and being of service in the world.

The realisation stopped me in my tracks.

Perhaps, I wondered – this was where I was ‘going wrong’. I don’t like using the phrase, after all there really are no mistakes but, I have of late been feeling like I’ve been bashing my head against a wall as I read of others’ successes and businesses booming…

‘Why am I not being successful?’
I have heard myself lament recently. I am doing everything I can think.

I am doing the Mindset work, Meditating, Moving.
Everything I would tell my clients + students to do / be… and yet, I have felt I am not getting to where I want to go.

So, when this thought popped into my head (whilst sorting laundry – always the best time to have inspiration!) I realised this was possibly a key to moving forward.

I was born a People-Pleaser. Yay. And, what I now also realise – A Life Pleaser too.

I was born / raised to put everyone else’s needs above my own.
The idea of being Self-Less (an interesting word..) and often revered was considered a good thing in my background.

But, if you think about it – Self – Less actually means having no sense of Self or, Centre. And, if you have no Self or, Centre you have nothing from which to come from and help others…

So, what use are we to the World – anyway, at that point?

I would say it is only now – at nearly 50 that I am truly starting to grasp and embody this idea of being Self-Centred.

And, as always with new awarenesses little bits are dribbling in daily, weekly, monthly…. And, realising that Life gets to fit around Me and not the other way around – is one of those pieces.

Suddenly, in a flash I could see how glorious my life could be. If I just clearly decided that Life is Fitting Around Me.

No longer will I bend myself backwards to give to others or, support someone else’s idea if it opposes my own.

No longer will I mold myself to a life timetable that does not compute with the way I flow – punishing my body, mind, spirit, emotions.

I now make the rules.

Life will be fun.

Work (Play) will be fun – rewarding – enlightening – serving..

My days will be pleasurable – joyous – the way I want them to be.

All aspects get to fit around, support, promote, nurture and accommodate ME.

(I may sound like a cantankerous toddler but, honestly – I don’t really care!)
New Year Meli-tation

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