Samba + Latin Dance!

Want to get fit, happy and healthy with the Carnival Workout?!!

Come and learn Carnival Style moves and Brazilian Samba for fun and self confidence in our Samba + Latin Dance classes in Ryde, Isle of Wight. We cover all styles of Brazilian dance; Afro Samba, Samba Reggae & Rio Samba.

Why not go beyond fun and self confidence and join us for parades and Carnivals.. Join our RAW Samba Dancers out on parade at some of the Isle of Wight’s most popular Carnivals.

Take it to the next level and join our professional dance troupe Samba Solent
We perform Cabaret style Brazilian Samba, Carnival dancing and Latin Jazz complete with feathers, frills, sequins and plenty of fun!

Samba Solent are perfect for Festivals, special occasions, private functions, launch parties, Weddings.. and many other occasions! Hire us now!

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