Testimonials for Movement Junkie Healing Work, Dance + Fitness classes

“I so look forward to my Dance Chillax classes with Mel and I’m delighted to offer her a testimonial.  Learning new moves and routines in a fun, relaxed way has helped me move around the tennis court more quickly.  It’s a great way to keep up my fitness levels – much better than the treadmill.

Taking part in Dance Yoga with Mel also helps me feel more positive and confident and is a great de-stresser after ‘one of those days’.”

Amanda Saunders – Management Development Specialist and keen tennis player

“Mel, thank you for the excellent classes, I have thoroughly enjoyed them. When the classes finish I feel so exhilarated and in such high spirits. I’m going to make sure that I make the effort to come even if I feel shattered because I get so much mentally out or your class, you are the best! Thank you.”

Amy Lonsdale – Florist

“I had no Idea what Dance Yoga was about and I have been a massive fan of yoga and martial arts for years.  When I tried MeIanIe’s class, it was a brilliant experience. Not only was the whole session such fun but the music is fantastic.  Your body experiences a whole new world of movement: a mixture of dance, stretches, dynamic movement, mindful bodywork.  And, of course, all so beautifully guided by Mel herself.

You don’t feel that you have to keep up, either. The sequences can be taken at your own pace, highy charged or extremely chilled! Just brilliant! I have found my thing at last. Go on give it a try!”

Anna-Mane Kyrlacou – Mother and Holistic Practitioner

…about Dance Fusion

“I thoroughly enjoy Melanie’s dance classes. I come away feeling as though I’ve given my body exactly what it needs!”

Avril Solomon – Writing Coach


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