Dance Chillax & Dance Groove

Get Fit.. Have Fun.. Relax…

Start to love yourself again.  Take some time out to focus on yourself. Come to Movement Junkie’s Dance Chillax and Dance Groove classes!

Our Dance Chillax and Dance Groove classes are an enjoyable mix of global dance styles, aimed at increasing cardiovascular fitness and enhancing your core strength.  These classes are unique in style and delivery.  We know that you’re going to love them.  They’re a powerful, effective yet totally non-scary way to help you re-connect with your body.

Focusing on a true holistic sense of your well being, the Dance Chillax classes incorporate elements of martial arts and yoga.  They aim to create that “high” that exercise gives us, without straining or stressing the body in any way..

Although challenging, Dance Groove will enable you to exercise at your own level.  You’ll move forwards and progress your fitness from week to week. With some really great music,  we combine several different dance styles: look forward to Salsa, Jazz, Streetdance, Bollywood and Disco among several others – even moves from the 1920s!

To avoid potential injury or soreness, these classes incorporate natural movement and extensions.  We focus on fun and relaxation, with gentle muscle stretches to ease the body and mind.

Dance Chillax and Dance Groove classes are suitable for beginners and dance supremos alike and cater for all ages and backgrounds.



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