Winter Solstice 2021

Happy Winter Solstice to you, wherever you are in the world..

How are you celebrating today?

Are going for lots of bright, energetic activity..?  Are you lying low and tuning into the slowing down of the season..?

All is good and right – depending on who you are and possibly where you are in the world..

Today’s Blog comes to you from my bed.

Yes, I have succumbed to some fluey-type thing.  (Predictive text changed that to gluey which is possibly a more accurate description of how I’m feeling right now!!)

And, whilst the western world would have us believe that I am currently failing as I’m not going full tilt into Christmas Consumption Commercialism…   I have a different take entirely.

I have heard the Call of My Body and am tuning in and listening to what it’s asking of me.  Slow down – my Soul quietly calls from the depths inside me.  This time on the planet (in the northern hemisphere) is hibernation period for many living things.  And, for you too.

I am deeply understanding that my momentum has become out of kilter with what my whole system actually needs at this time.

I have been re-building my business, changing the processes, learning new technology, thinking, thinking, thinking…

And, my own organism has just said STOP!  Enough.

It is (literally) time to slow down.  

Rest.  Recuperate.  Regenerate.  And, Re-navigate here.

And, so I am.

And, you.  How are you?

Are you listening and responding accordingly?

Your Soul messages may be different from mine but, are you actually listening and taking the action that corresponds, aligns with what you are hearing..??

If not, may I suggest you change course now.

Tune in.  Listen.  And, act accordingly.

The cost of not doing so may not show up today, tomorrow, next week or, even next year..  It may be ten years from now.  But, it will appear.

I know the price of Not Listening.  And, it is too greater price to pay for short-termed kicks.

So.  Make a Choice.

Use this Winter Solstice to tune in more deeply than ever to the Call of your Soul.  Listen like you have never heard before.  And, commit to Acting Accordingly like you life depends on it.

Mine Did.

Want help with Getting In.  Getting Clear.  And, Moving Forward?

Contact Me to work 1:1 (in the New Year of course, once I’ve done a bit of self-healing.. )

Clairvoyant Coaching 1:1

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