And, When You Really Listen..

To yourself..

To something from deep within you..

You actually stop listening to everyone else around you and this can bring in fresh wisdom and simultaneously piss other people off.

Yes. Spoiler Alert. When you decide to change anything in yourself, your way of doing things, your life… sometimes the people around you don’t like it. Can’t cope with it.

Bless them.

It’s mostly, probably not that they wish you ill it’s that they are de-stabilised in their own identity by your changes.

We don’t operate in vacuums. We live in a collective consciousness with thoughts, ideas, energy flowing all around us, through us, motivating us.. And, so when one of us changes by raising our vibration…. it’s a nudge to the rest of the world to do the same.

And, this is where life gets interesting.

For those we love dearly do not always want to change. They may be happy where they are. Content in their world. Or, just plain scared to do anything differently than how they’ve always done it.

And, depending on how they respond to our personal shift this can affect our own lives. Again.

I have mostly discovered that when I dig deeper for my own truth, being fully committed to my soul and living out the best life I can in this world – the people around me do not always want to follow.

They can be Family members. Great friends. Dear students. Precious clients. Parallel colleagues.

And, this can make my move towards where I want to go trickier or, questionable..

It’s almost like a Universal test.

How much do I want what I say I really want?

Do I want this thing/ change enough to say to the rest of the world -

‘I’m going whether you’re coming with me or, not?’

I have been making these kind of changes for a while now.. (over 20 years) and am somewhat used to the ebbing and flowing of life in this way but, there’s still a little tug in me when I know the shift is going to be a big one.

And, it doesn’t mean I don’t question and wobble…

But, my approach – which was initially fairly kamikaze – is now gentler.

I greet the change with love.

I listen deeply to what my Soul is asking for and then I shift offering love and grace to rest of the world around me.

And, gently I let go of that which no longer serves and those who no longer support me.


What changes are you not making for fear of offending or, upsetting others?

Where are you not listening deeply to your Soul from within and taking action for your highest best interests?

As we approach the end of 2021 it feels to me like a good time to take stock and consider how we want to be, live, think, feel, see.. into our next year.

I will be running a New Year Mel-itation Session in the beginning of January. Look out for links (I will post again) and come join me.

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