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Are you a complete dance novice? Did you once LOVE dancing? Did your busy life take over when you left behind your younger days? Whether you’d like to learn to dance or re-ignite your former passion, my Dance Fusion classes in Brighton are just for you and are ideal for all levels of dance experience.

Dance Fusion blends a mix of dance styles, from modern jazz, Streetdance, musical theatre to Bollywood, even Burlesque. It’s great for cardiovascular fitness, developing your core strength and your flexibility. You’ll love the music, too.

Focusing on learning funky new dance steps, putting them together and learning simple routines is a satisfying way to master a new skill.  Dancing helps you unwind, develops your fitness and helps you leave the stresses and strains of the day behind.  And, it’s lots of fun.

Dance Fusion classes are for YOU, whether you’re a young teen, a busy Mum, busy at your job or *whispers* a woman of a certain age!  All are welcome, no previous dance experience is needed.  There’s no need to be nervous – just bring yourself or come with friends and get ready to have fun.

Here we are (below), having a ball, dressed up to start learning some new dance routines.

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