Dance Fitness Class

Dance Fusion

Dance Fusion

Classes, Workshops & Parties Are you a complete dance novice? Did you once LOVE dancing? Did your busy life take over when you left behind your younger days? Whether you’d like to learn to dance or re-ignite your former passion, my Dance Fusion classes in Brighton are just for you and are ideal for all…

Dance Chillax & Dance Groove

Dance Chillax  &  Dance Groove

Get Fit.. Have Fun.. Relax… Start to love yourself again.  Take some time out to focus on yourself. Come to Movement Junkie’s Dance Chillax and Dance Groove classes! Our Dance Chillax and Dance Groove classes are an enjoyable mix of global dance styles, aimed at increasing cardiovascular fitness and enhancing your core strength.  These classes are unique…


Melanie originally trained as a dancer from age three and knew from a very early age this was to be a part of her path in life. It took another twenty-seven years before this part of her dream would become realised. From the age of sixteen until twenty-four she struggled with extreme menstrual haemorrhaging which…

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