Clairvoyant Coaching + Healing

 My aim with the Clairvoyant Coaching and Healing space is to support people in re-claiming their health + wellbeing – physically, emotionally, energetically + mentally.  I wish for people to become more of who they really want to be and manifest the lives they wish to live.

I have been a Clairvoyant Reader my whole life and for many years never realised this!  After training for four years with the Berkeley Psychic Institute in California in how to safely and effectively open up my third eye and conduct Clairvoyant Readings I was able to see how I could use this ability to help people heal themselves.  And, I got to do this first-hand in healing myself of stage 3 Cervical Cancer after being given 6 months to live by medical Doctors.

Going through the dramatic success of self-healing and taking back charge of my own health I realised without doubt that I now possessed the skills + background to help others do the same with their health and lives.  I help (or, technically I hold space for) people to heal from physical dis-ease, emotional trauma, past life disconnections, mis-alignment in present life in relationships, jobs, families, with eating, physical fitness..

So, how do I do that?  I use my clairvoyant abilities to look at the electro magnetic field of energy around the body (AKA The Aura) where I can ‘see’ and ‘interpret’ the frequencies that tell me a story of who you are and what is happening in your world.  I then use my Intuitive Counselling Skills to share the information I see which gives you guidance on making decision and choices in your world.  And, I hold space for you to make those choice shifts.

Once we have the information about what is going on we can move forward in creating change.  Solutions or suggestions come from a combination of practices:  psychological techniques, lifestyle changes, further reading + healing work, finding acceptance for past experiences or ‘mistakes’, discovering gratitude for life in the present, dietary changes and conscious creation of goals for the future..

Sustained change and a better way of living are always created by a combination of shifts in the body, mind, soul + emotions.

Please contact me if you have further questions or, book yourself onto the schedule below.  Sessions are run hourly scheduled as frequently or infrequently as required with recommendations/ suggestions from me.

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